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The main mission of the Library is to support the faculty’s and students’ needs in instruction and learning. It provides a warm, friendly and humanistic environment, and updated and abundant resources in order to fulfill its inevitable role in the faculty’s and students’ teaching, researching and learning.

The Library is located in the Library and Information Building, which is newly built in 2002. It occupies the basement, and the first through the fifth floors of the building, approximately 16,262 square feet. In this spacious library, there are research rooms, discussion rooms, group audio-visual rooms, information promotion room, children library, etc., and as many as 1300 reading seats.




  • Book Loan Service

The numbers of loaned volumes and loan periods are as follows:


Borrower Type

Loaned Volume

Loan Period




Graduate Students












  1. Loans may be renewed of secondary unless needed by another user.
  2. Fines for late returns: NT$ 2 per volume per day.
  • Book Reservation

A reservation can be made if the books needed are currently borrowed by other users.

  • New Books Display

Newly-arrival books are placed for weekly display to provide patrons with updated book information.

  • Study Room Service

There are research rooms, discussion rooms, and conference rooms available for faculty’s and students’ research and study needs.

  • Library Tours

In order to help patrons use the library resources, library tours are provided to introduce and explain the library facilities and services by the library staff through a field trip.

  • Librarian Service

The service provides information to patrons in person at the Information Desk at the first floor. For example, we provide guidance and assistance for how to use the reference tools and database available.

  • WebPAC : WEB Public Access Catalogue

The WebPAC provides patrons with access to holdings by author, title, subject, and keyword. Through WebPAC, patrons can also renew, request, suggest and recommend what they need. Moreover, individual library accounts for patrons can be accessed on the Internet (

  • Online Information Retrieval Service

Various databases can be searched through the library's homepage. (

  • Inter-Library Loan Service

Patrons can borrow books or copy materials from other libraries through inter-library loan service.

  • Media Service

Media services include the followings:


·   VCDDVDVideo Cassette Tape service

· VOD (Video on Demandservice

·   CDTape service

·  Radio service

·   Group video viewing service
The library shows a film every Wednesday and Friday for teachers and students. Teachers may also reserve the group auditorium for instructional purposes.


  • Photocopy Service

The library is equipped with 9 copy machines operated by copy cards for public use.