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Faculty & Staff

Division Name Ext. EMAIL Service
Director Cu-Ming Du 302 email Administration
Section Chief Wei-Yu Chen 303 email

Supervision of Acquisitions & Cataloging,  Budget Control |Supervision of Audio-visual & Information Services, Information System

Staff Shu-Chen Chang 302 email

Classification and Cataloging, Chinese Books Donation and Exchange

Staff Ke-Hsin Chen 302 email

Classification and Cataloging,  Western Books Donation and Exchange

Staff Jui-Ti Lin 303 email Audio/Visual Material Classification and Cataloging
Section Chief Wan-Zhen Xu 301 email

Supervision of Reader Services,  Subject Specialist Service

Staff Tsung-Yang Chou 301 email Periodical Subscription & Management, Electronic Resources,  Reference Service,  Institutional Repository, Inter-library loan
Staff Hsen-Ting Shin 301 email

Borrowing & Returning,  Group Study Room,  Stack, Study Hall