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Floor Disposing

Floor Floor Guide Administration
BF Western Books ,(Classification no. 000-699、800-999) , Children's Reading Room , Compact Shelving Reader Service Section
1F Entrance Lobby ,Circulation Desk , Lockers , Book Exhibition , Reference Books , Faculty Publications , Dissertations/Thesis, Current Periodicals , Newspapers Reader Service Section
2F Study Carrels, Back Newspapers, Bound Periodicals Acquisitions & Cataloging Section
3F Circulation Desk , Lockers , Audio-Visual Area, Group Audio-Visual Room, Training Room Acquisitions & Cataloging Section
4F Chinese Books(Classification no. 000-899) Reader Service Section
5F Chinese Books(Classification no. 900-999), Western Books(Classification no. 700-799), Scores, Discussion Rooms Reader Service Section
7F Computer Room Administrative Consultation Services Section
8F Information Center, Computer Room Director Office、Administrative Consultation Services Section、Network Operation Section、School Affairs Information Section