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Originally established in 1965, the new TUT Library was inaugurated in October 2002. Spanning the basement floor to the 5th floor of the Library Information Building, the new TUT Library occupies a total floor area of 16,262 m2 to achieve centralized archival of various collections and resolves the issue of limited physical space in order to provide diverse, professional and optimized services.

Located in the Library and Information Building, from basement to the fifth floor, the Library is equipped with various facilities, capacious and comfortable space, and a rich collection. As a dynamic library, it provides multifunctiional reading services for students to faciliate their joy of reading and passion for learning.

  • The library provides a very comfortable environment for its users. The library strives to enhance research consulting and guidance services, providing academic resources and help for teachers as well as tutoring sessions for students.
  • The library conducts multidisciplinary events that involve exhibitions of a wide range of diverse topics. It integrates traditional as well as contemporary points of view to provide a stimulating, progressive, and interactive learning experience.
  • The Library develops the institutional repository, digital archive system, creates an environment of knowledge commons, and upgrades the  traditional information services to enhance the knowledge diffusion .